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Regulatory Compliance in Russia and Customs Union

In accordance with current laws and regulations in the recently formed Eurasian Economic Community (EAC) and Customs Union (CU) of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrghyzstan and, most products or services exported to those countries are subject to mandatory EAC certification for conformity to Customs Union Technical Regulations (TR CU), instead of the obsolete GOST-R certification). To an exporter, this major regulatory change spells both bad news and good news .

Bad news.

The current certification regulations are rather complex and bureaucratic. Even for domestic manufacturers, obtaining necessary certification or registration in Russia is not an easy task. Russian certification system takes into account, but does not automatically accept EU, US or any other non-Russian quality standards and certificates.

Fees for registration and certification in Russia are comparable to similar procedures in other countries. Yet, there is neither published information available nor a common policy on certification pricing. Depending on the product and complexity of laboratory analysis, the certification costs may range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands.

And last but not least, like in EU, EAC now requires a domestic "Agent of Record", who would be accepting claims and complaints.

Good news.

The good news is that "Russian Standard, Inc" (Rosstandard) with offices in the USA and Moscow, has been successfully providing Russian certification and registration to exporters for over a decade. We are here to help you with all your needs, and we do it in conformity to the US legislation and business practices. We always scramble to cut costs to the minimum. With us, you are spared the necessity to ship paperwork or, in most cases, samples to Russia. Nor do you have to engage in financial transactions with Russian banks, organizations and individuals. We offer professional certification service in Russia and the Customs Union, best rates and live people to talk to in your time zone in English, Spanish or Russian. Since 2001, Russian Standard has gained a solid reputation of a reliable, consistent and trustworthy regulatory consulting company capable of delivering most efficient solutions.

With Russian Standard, you exclude the risk of certification time dragging from 3 month to eternity: Russian Standard can accomplish most certification orders within 1-2 weeks.

Even better news is that we have very long-standing experience with major Russian Federal regulatory authorities, as well as the Russian Health Ministry Certification Center, POSPOTREBNADZOR and ROSZDRAVNADZOR, the latter being the authority for federal registration of medical devices and products. All certification and registration orders are processed in express mode with us.

As a part of our one-stop certification services, we offer our clients help with local representation, customs clearance, logistics, translation, legalization and authentication of documents, PR and GR and much more. Our goal is to make your exporting to Russia easier, faster, more secure and less expensive!

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