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"RUSSIAN STANDARD, Ltd. " is an American corporation duly authorized by the Russian GOST-R Certification Authorities and Certification Center of Russian Ministry of Public Health. Our offices are located in New York, USA and Slovak Republic, European Union. We provide international exporters to Russia with all types of mandatory and voluntary certification for most products, ranging from certification of consumer products and industrial equipment to state registration of nutritional supplements, foods and medical devices.

We participate in events organized by the US Department of Trade, convene seminars and webinars, and even write article on the subject of certification and registration in Russia and the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan (likely to be joined soon by more countries).

The list of products and services that are subject to mandatory certification and registration is huge. The odds are that your product requires a certification in Russia confirming its compliance with the requirements of safety in the Russian Federation and the Customs Union. Earlier it was a "GOST-R Certificate". Currently, most certification is done either via a TR CU Certificate of Conformity, which stands for "Technical Regulations of the Customs Union", or Declaration of TR Conformity. Procedure, formerly known as "Hygienic Certification", is now replaced by State Registration at "ROSPOTREBNADZOR", the Russian Federal Service in charge of consumers' well being protection. Medical devices and products require State Registration too, but from another Russian Federal Certification Authority "ROSZDRAVNADZOR".

Russian importation regulations change frequently, often making customs clearance quite a problem for the exporter. But do not despair: we shall navigate you through all the formalities and procedures for fastest and least costly results.

We can also research your potential wholesalers and/or retailers in Russia, arrange your meetings with them or investigate their financial and legal status.

We can help you with establishing an official representation/importer in Russia, which now is a certification requirement.

We can take care of your promotion campaign and PR in Russia as well as of market research.

We can advise you on and organize your participation in relevant trade shows and fairs, taking place in the territory of Russia and CIS countries.

As a part of our one-stop certification services, we help our clients with translation, legalization and authentication of documents, legal support, business consulting and more.

We are here to facilitate the entry of your product in the Russian market!

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