Russia Certification and Regulatory Compliance

Product Regulatory Compliance Assurance

"RUSSIAN STANDARD" is more than a certification agency.

We consult our customers on the most efficient and hassle-free way to achieve the desired results.

We navigate you through the dire straits of Russian bureaucracy, furnish timely advice and take care of matters that require immediate solution with Russian authorities.

We advise on Russian regulatory and technical documents; research and analyze standards determining technical requirements to products exported to the Russian Federation.

We assist Russian manufacturers in establishing ties and cooperation with laboratories and centers of standardization in Europe.

Regulatory Consulting

Importation and distribution of merchandise is heavily regulated in Russia. To be successful and avoid pitfalls, you need to know the rules of engagement. We are keeping track not only of the active regulations, but of the ones under elaboration as well. Our regulatory advice to many European and US companies has saved them a lot of effort and money.

Promotion, logistics, facilitation in Russia.

"RUSSIAN STANDARD" also assists exporters to Russia to choose the right trade events in Russia and the countries of the CIS to participate in. We offer full set of services to introduce and advance your products in the Russian market.

If you have decided to establish a presence in Russia, you do need a reliable consultant to help you with planning, finding an office, registering your legal entity, recruiting skilled personnel, and a horde of other small and not-so-small issues impossible to surmount unless you know both official regulations and current practices.

Public and Government Relations.

To be successful in Russia, you have to meet people, establish contact with companies, introduce yourselves and your products and build up a positive reputation with the authorities.

"RUSSIAN STANDARD" was one of the initiators of the national trade association called CDSP - Council of Dietary Supplements Producers uniting key players in the personal care and dietary supplements market in Russia. The organization has been endorsed by the Russian authorities. We are the official adviser for foreign relations.

We can build and enhance your PR and GR in Russia.

Other EAC countries.

Next largest regional markets after Russia are Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrghizia, Armenia and Belarus. They have already formed Eurasian Community (EAC) and Customs Union. We can help you enter these markets with more ease and less cost.

We are here for you!

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